2nd Fish Convention 2018
Kathmandu, Nepal

NEFIS Conference Sessions

  1. Inland fish biodiversity, ecosystems and environment
  2. Fish Biology, Fishery and Aquaculture diversification
  3. Post-Harvest Techniques and Aquaculture Products diversification
  4. Animal Welfare and Aquaculture Ethics
  5. Warm water and cold water aquaculture and fishery
  6. Fish Trade and commercial aquaculture
  7. Sustainable Aquaculture Industries, fish feed and nutrition
  8. Fish hatchery and breeding
  9. Global Trends and Issues of fishery and aquaculture
  10. Inland water pearl culture, shell fish, and aquatic weeds
  11. Fisheries extension, use of information technology and education
  12. Inland fish, fisheries and aquaculture Resources
  13. Fisheries Technology, fishery and aquaculture mechanization
  14. Fishery, aquaculture management, governance, best management practices and policies